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mccarthyism in distressedx

Drabble Request [xplodey_di]

PG-13 at most.
Includes: MotO [Tai/Xue], BSG [Boomer/Gaius], and KttK [Suzy and the Will]

MotO: Tai/Xue [Leeches]

Xue is of the opinion that Tai is, has been, and will forever be, using him. The spirits know why he even lets this obvious example of workplace abuse continue, he can come up with a list this long of reasons why he should just walk past Xing Li’s desk and out those doors right now.

Then Xing Li looks up and smiles at him as if she knows what he’s thinking and as if she knows he’d never dare and Tai waltzes in with that too-honest smile and almost captivating charm and Xue forgets he ever even thought of leaving.

BSG: Shanon (Boomer)/Gaius [thought]

He overanalyzes things – like how his whores feel and act like cylons more than the cylons themselves and how he’s been off of blondes for awhile now and what does that mean when his Six is sitting on his lap but Boomer is standing off to the side in the shadows and his eyes flicker to her constantly. Gaius knows he’s never been in complete control of his sanity since his lover told him she was a cylon and the world was ending around them but this wavering uncertainty brings insanity to a new level. And he hates that.

KttK: Suzy and Dame Primus [sleep]

Suzy misses sleep. She thinks Arthur does too, not that he’d mention it. She misses that fuzzy feeling when one awakes naturally from sleep, that time when dreams and reality mesh. Not that she can remember that feeling, too many times of being washed between the ears but that’s what she’s heard.

“I want to be able to sleep.” She says to the Architect, arms crossed and defiant.

“But you can sleep…”

Apparently, even though She’s the supreme creator of everthing, the Architect can still be a bit dense on mortal affairs.

“Yeah, but I want to feel the need to sleep. To reach a point where I fall asleep because I’m so tired. I can’t remember what being tired feels like.”

The Architect just shrugs in that way which Suzy remembers from way back when. “Ask Lord Arthur.”

Suzy screamed.