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mccarthyism in distressedx

[fic] [pokemon] [the story of nyx tyler]

dramatics and deux ex machina
(otherwise known as the story of nyx tyler)

word count: 1,320

author's note: this has been a long time coming, really. it could still be unwritten if it wasn't for being in the right place at the right time with the right music. hopefully it's worth it. ♥

Nyx Tyler looks up from her soggy Cherubi-Os and smiles at her sister.

(this is the day that Nyx Tyler stops running and starts living)


She runs away during the worst storm of the summer, trying to ignore the pain as she runs, slipping and skidding and cursing her family.

If only Apollo lived, if only her sister faced the problem, if only her father wasn’t acting like nothing happened at all, if only her mother said something rather than looking like death warmed over.

As she slips into the next ship out of Fiore, Nyx thinks she can hear the Manaphy egg sing.


Volkner’s staring at her like he hasn’t seen her in years. (which he hasn’t, but that’s not important)

“I was thinking about… about what you said. A long time ago.”


“I can’t.”

“Good, because I’ve changed my mind.”

He’s smiling at her, and she finds herself smiling back, wider than she can remember.

“I’ll see you around, then.”

“You’ll always be welcome here, Nyx.”

She only waves as she leaves the gym.


Joanna is kind, everything an eight year old child with the flu could want. Nyx keeps waiting for the questions – about her hair color, her name, her eyes, the glowing egg in her backpack.

A year on, she finally accepts that Joanna needs no answers that Nyx does not provide and she lets out a breath she didn’t know she was holding.


Rhea stares out the window, watching the snow fall. “I’m leaving for Fiore tomorrow.”


“I’m going to tell them you’re doing fine, that they don’t have to worry anymore.”

Nyx pauses, up to the elbows in soapy dish water. “Tell… tell mother I’m… that I… that I’m… sorry.”

Rhea nods, a small movement that Nyx is barely able to catch. “I’ll give her your love.


She never bothers to return the Chimchar. Nyx has given him a name, Theta, and why should she return him when they belong?

Lying comes easy to her and this lie is no different than any of the other’s she’s told in the last eight years – she found Theta, wounded, and nursed him back to health; he couldn’t bear to be parted from her when he was well again.

Nyx cradles Theta in her arms as they run, a note on Joanna’s table explaining mostly everything – she doesn’t doubt they’ll meet again one day, some day.


“Mother and Father send you their love – they’ve forgiven you long ago. Mother says she understands, that she’s sorry for not being stronger for the both of us.

Did you hear? They’ve found a new land again, this one unpopulated by humans, much like Fiore was. People are already moving in – Father, Joel, Elita, and Cameron have informed me that they’ll be establishing a base of operations there as well. Apparently they’re also starting a school and they want me to become a teacher along with becoming one of the Base Leaders!

Aunt Arisae and Uncle Neil give you their best wishes, Ophelia says she’d love to visit you if you’re willing to have her.

Your sister,
Rhea Tyler”


Nyx doesn’t plan on become a pokemon trainer, not until she feels the rush that it gives her, the way the world narrows to her and Theta and how while it’s still her against the world she has someone that’ll go against it with her.

She defeats Roark easily, loosing herself in the emotion of fighting and of winning.

The world, she thinks, doesn’t stand a chance.


“Maybe you’ve just been missing the point.” Ophelia grins from the couch, feet on the wall and head hanging off the edge. “You say you like it up here because it lets you be alone, but you’ve never liked to be alone.”

“I haven’t?”

Ophelia just shrugs and bounces the tennis ball off the wall again. “Well, I don’t think you’d want to be alone.”

“Ah.” And Nyx snatches the ball away in the middle of its fall.


To rebuild the universe, to right every wrong ever made – she’s tempted to join them, to toss away the future she might have to create a world where nothing went wrong, where everyone treated another with kindness and love.

Until she looks into his eyes.

There’s something startling familiar in them, in the lack of anything in them at all.

It’s disconcerting and Nyx bites down the hopeless sob that’s trying to escape, she’s better than that, she’s stronger than that.

She’ll prove it, too.


“I’ve see that you’ve returned to us.” Cynthia smiles.

“You can’t ever leave this place, really. Once you’ve been through it, it becomes a part of you.”



She doesn’t smile after becoming Champion. Nyx simply stands, blank-faced as she allows herself to be pulled through the rituals that will cement her name in the records.

So she’s Champion. So have a lot of people before her, so will a lot of people after her – she’s just one more face and list of pokemon.

Someone asks her what her parents think of her, after she’s gone so far in such a short while. Nyx doesn’t even bother to answer – she just walks away.

Later, after she’s escaped the crowd, Volkner will ask her to take over his gym. She’ll tell him she’ll think about it.


“Ophelia’s visit was nice.

It’s still snowing.

Are you coming back soon?

- Nyx”


Giratina roars, shaking her entire world until she falls to her knees, hands pressed against the floor in reassurance, fingers curling into the loose dirt.

Diagla is nothing compared to what she faces now.

Nyx finds herself surrounded by ghosts of herself and the feeling welling up within her eats at her. There’s only so deep she can bury her self-hatred, apparently.


She, hesitatingly, wraps her arms around her sister in a return of the hug.

“There we go, Nyx.”

“Shut up, Rhea.”

“At least you didn’t faint this time.”

“I said shut up. And welcome back.”

“It’s good to be back.”


Mt. Cornet is perfect.

Nyx builds a house not to far from the summit but far enough from the trails to go unnoticed by the few trainers that still venture up to get a glance at the fabled legendary Diagla.

Romana is currently curled up as best she can against Sigma, blocking the wind and the snow for the rest of the pokemon that would rather be out of pokeballs – and who is she to disagree?

No one will look for her here, no one will remember and she can just fade away until the world has forgotten she even existed.

Then she’ll come down.


“I’m thinking of moving,” Nyx says over dinner.

“Yeah? Where to?”


“That’s… a change.”

“Someone told me change was good.”

“Good advice.”


Someone is knocking on her door on the top of Mt. Cornet at five in the morning.

She opens the door and the world stops.

The person standing in the doorway is wearing red, black, yellow and white and her turquoise hair is all-to-familiar.

“Hello Sister.”

Nyx faints dead away.


The door opens and the world stops.

Green hair and blue hair and turquoise hair and her mother smiles, ever-so-softly.

“Hello, Nyx.”

Nyx bursts into tears and throws her arms around her mother and father.


Nyx ignores Rhea for the most part, pretends she’s just a figment of her imagination - something invented to torment her more.

She wouldn’t put it past her psyche to come up with an image of Rhea, anyway.

But there’s a moment, a year into whatever life they’re leading, when Rhea says something that makes everything fall into place and Nyx Tyler looks up from her soggy Cherubi-Os and smiles at her sister.


It's bugging me -- what happened to the Manaphy egg?

Um. At first, I didn't quite get it, but once it started to curl in back on itself, then I just put my hand over my heart because it got bone-achingly good. Like, at first I thought Volkner had come on to her and she refused (this is where my mind usually goes, regardless) and then later it's just a toss-away line that explains everything, but that toss-away line becomes important with time, kind of like life.

And the big with Rhea, and while she gets it, she doesn't, because Sinnoh is always going to be a part of her sister she doesn't understand, like how she agrees about change being good without realizing it was Cyrus who said it, and what that advice ever meant to Nyx.

And Pythia and Spenser and their intermediately inherited genes for hair color. Oh, the memories.

I think what got me the most was the truth of being a Pokemon Trainer expressed here -- the world narrowing to just you and your lead Pokemon, how that becomes metaphorical for the visual sequence in the game and mental for the character.

*happy sigh*
I'm flattered. No, seriously.

I'm glad you liked it.
I already told you how much I love this. It is just so.. gahldfkj. <3