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mccarthyism in distressedx

Love Love Guilty [phoenix wright] [gen]

Less than ten minutes was spent on this, you have been warned.

Maya’s singing along with some pop song, sometime completely venturing away from the lyrics to add in a phrase or two of her own (it’s not distracting, he’s rather socked to find that she has a rather pleasant singing voice) and he’s afraid she’s going to fall off his desk (he’s not quite sure why she’s standing on it in the first place – though he thinks it has to do with the fact that she seems intent on re-creating the atmosphere of a concert and probably for the benefit of Pearls more than anything else).

“Wrapped in your arms, you've stolen the key to my heart…”

Phoenix interrupts her serenade (slightly perturbed, because he knows she sung those lyrics correctly this time) – “What are you singing?”

Pausing in the middle of her theatrics, she pouts. “Love Love Guilty, of course.”

He gives her a blank stare.

“It’s first single by the newest rock group! The Galvinners! They’re from Germany; do you think Edgeworth knows them?” She gives him her largest smile, only causing him to sigh.

“They’re a rock group, how on earth would he know them?”

“Well, the lead singer-guitarist just happens to be finishing his last year of law school. Really Nick, you should be keeping up.”

“No lawyer would be caught dead singing such a ridiculous song.”

Maya only sticks her tongue out at him before continuing, giving the amused Pearl her version of the longing-singer-to-his-fans look.

“Sugar, sugar…”


Only you can find a way to put Klavier into a timeline he has no part of =D
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