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mccarthyism in distressedx

Drabble Request: Barbossa/Tia Dalma

Rating: G

Barbossa/Tia Dalma (no prompt given)

She gets used to his eyes on her – always watching every step she took, every move she’d make. They weren’t lustful beyond the first day, more of an idle curiosity. She thinks nothing of it, until he whispers her name.
The bowl in her hands falls to the floor, apples rolling across the dirty wood – one coming to rest at his feet. (he gives it a passing glance – it’s not so important at the moment)
“How… how do you know...?”
“Pirate Lord, m’lady. And the stories do not lie – you are breathtaking.”
Tia Dalma turns away but she can still feel his eyes on her as she moves.


Apples make this full of win. Hmmmmm. Apples and sexual tension should be the Barbossa/Tia Dalma subheader, thanks to you. And this drabble.