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mccarthyism in distressedx

You Could Be Happy [fic] [avatar:tlgb]

Because I do miss them.

“I’ve learned all about men from Saki, thanks.” She scowls at him, arms on her hips and not at all pleased. “There is no need for you to be so protective.”

Kotaru falters for a moment, trying to find the right words to properly chide Aan (who he caught with some disgusting and most likely intent on corrupting her boy) before he decides that with the way she’s glaring at him it might be best not to talk at all.

“I’m fourteen, Kotaru, not twelve. You have no right to interfere.”

But, he wants to say, I do because you’re Aan and you had this huge crush on me when you were twelve and what happened? Instead he says “How was I to know that he wasn’t going to take advantage of you?”

“But he wasn’t! He was showing me how they dance in the Earth Kingdom because I asked him to and then he asked if he could kiss me and I said yes. You can figure out the rest.” There’s a figure poking him in the chest and stormy eyes staring up at him and somehow he remembers his first kiss (and by default, her’s too) and that makes everything that much worse.

“Why… why him?” Why didn’t you ask me if you wanted to be kissed? goes unspoken and he hates himself for thinking it and for not saying anything at all.

Aan’s eyes soften and a small smile replaces the scowl. “Because you wouldn’t have said yes.”

He’s suddenly filled with the urge to crush her to his chest (and ask her how she learned to read minds), tell her that she’s wrong because she’s Aan and he’d do anything for her but she looks away; he knows there’s something more that she’s not saying until she speaks again, soft and sad and so very not the Aan he knows.

“Maybe… maybe you would have. But you’d have done it for all the wrong reasons. I want someone to kiss me because he thinks I’m pretty, that I’m nice; not because he’s my friend and he thinks it’s his brotherly duty.”

She looks up at him again – all sad smiles and sorrowful eyes and Kotaru thinks the sound he’s hearing might be his heart breaking (or maybe it’s the sound of her’s breaking just a little bit more, he’s not sure).

“I’m sorry. I’ll just go.” With that she turns, maroon and orange robes swirling around her as she retreats back into the celebration, leaving him alone in the dark with only his thoughts to keep him company.

(He tries to forget how she looked when he found her – hair framing her face, cheeks flushed, and so full of life that, in that moment, he finds her beautiful.)


BETA? AMMY DON'T NEED NO BETA. Silly Di. No one is going to read these besides us. If I was going to post it to some big communitiy, then maybe.

And if it's any help, I prefer the hearts. XD

Sign on IM once in awhile, Emmy and I have a PLAN that we need to talk to you about.